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About Rhonda

My Journey


My name is Rhonda Flowers. I have been teaching yoga since 2004 and practicing since 2000. I have taken many workshops and trainings over course of 20 years. I decided to go through Yoga Teacher training in 2004. I fell in love with a little mat that I stepped onto in a racquetball court at my local YMCA. After years of kickboxing and step classes, it felt great to stretch my tight calves. It settled my mind having 2 little ones at home. I also saw the difference it made in my spiritual and mental state, as well as my physical appearance. That is what started my journey…

I signed up without the expectation to ever teach my own class or have my own practice. I didn’t know if this stay at home mom of 2 could learn the information, understand Sanskrit, the sutras or have the courage to teach a class just to graduate. I did it! Yoga not only had my heart before the training but had my soul afterwards. It totally changed my life!

Let’s fast forward a few years. I was registered with Yoga Alliance (15159), teaching Ashtanga and Vinyasa at 3 of my local YMCAs, Golds Gym, Prairie Life fitness and 2 yoga studios here in Franklin -  so 20 years in the making. After years of teaching and injuries such as back surgery, multiple knee surgeries, and a new ACL I've learned to be an even better teacher. I've also learned new and more scientific ways to practicing like Yoga Detour Online Method ,and ELDOA 1-2 (Longitudinal Stretching with Osteo-Articular Decoaptation) layman terms to put tension on the fascia to create space in the vertebrae or joint by Dr. Guy Voyer.


My newest teacher, Lara Heimann is a physical therapist who is also a yoga instructor and developed LYT Yoga. I have received a whole 500 hour RYT in LYT which is created through the lens of physical therapy and functional movement.  I have brought these new techniques into my yoga practice and into my teachings. It has changed both completely. We are all always students, right? Having the mindset of a beginner, we can always learn something.

I love the time and focus of “workshop” teaching, breaking things down and learning bit by bit, teaching how the body is supposed to move and helping people learn to brain map those feelings and move with health. I teach people to respect the spine, respect the joint, and learn how to best move their body. I teach people to rethink their breathing, learn how to properly breath and also learn posture correction. Posture is key to good health.

If your curious reach out to me. My hope is that I can help you find spinal, joint, all around better movement and health. You don't need to feel good before moving, moving will make you feel good. Learn to live life pain free or avoid pain all together.


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